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Planning in Motion is an Atlanta-based fee-only financial planning firm. We can work with you locally or virtually to provide the tactical financial guidance you need.

Let's build a collaborative, thoughtful strategy for your finances-- one that balances the reality of life today with your dreams for tomorrow. 


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Krista Smith, Founding Financial Planner and CFP®

I'm on a mission to help you change the future of your finances.

It's been my experience that a lot of us (and especially the recovering perfectionists among us) feel one particular fear that can be paralyzing: the failure to reach the potential we see for ourselves. 

Without a doubt, money is one of the overwhelming factors that we aren't sure how to control. For a while, it's easy to ignore. You're in school, you're building a career, you're achieving big things-- maybe even starting a family, and you're checking items off the bucket list. 

But there comes a point when the questions get louder and more frequent--

"Am I saving enough? It is realistic to balance so many priorities? How should I set up my investments? Is there something I could be doing better? How do I know I'm on the right track?  Is there a way to be smarter about all of this?"

I know how hard it is to be consistent and proactive in making smart money decisions, especially when you just don't have the answers. In the years I've spent helping people improve their financial well-being and making plans to grow their wealth, there's one important lesson I've learned-- operating with intention gets results.

That's why I'm honored to have a tiny supporting role in your story-- it's exciting to guide, teach, and advise people like you who are ready to grow their wealth and get clarity about their financial lives. I look forward to working together to create an approach that works for you, an efficient plan that makes sense within the framework of your goals, motivations, and life.

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    Objective Advice Tailored to You
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    Judgment-Free Approach to Planning
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    No Unnecessary Financial Jargon
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    No Asset Minimums
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    No Product Sales, No Commissions, No Referral Fees
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    Secure Document Sharing, Tech-Savvy Process
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    Fee-Only, No Hidden Sources of Compensation
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    Local Meetings Available Throughout Metro Atlanta
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    Location-Independent Virtual Meetings Available


Want to learn more? Whether you're ready to jump into financial planning or just want more information, the first step is to reserve an Intro Session with Krista.

[complimentary, ~30 mins, via phone or video. Local, in-person meetings available throughout the Metro Atlanta area.] 

What to Expect: a zero-pressure opportunity to talk about what kind of advice you're seeking and how I may be able to help.


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